Delphine Cabaret

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Electric quadrupole transitions are revealed through the angular dependence of X-ray absorption spectra in a cubic crytal. Data collection was achieved at the iron K-edge in pyrite (FeS2) by using the angular moment method developed for X-ray Natural Circular Dichoism (XNCD) measurements. The natural linear dichroism (XNLD) was found to be around 0.5% of(More)
Beta-lactams with 6alpha (penicillins) or 7alpha (cephalosporins) substituents are often beta-lactamase inhibitors. This paper assesses the effect of such substituents on acyclic beta-lactamase substrates. Thus, a series of m-carboxyphenyl phenaceturates, substituted at the glycyl alpha-carbon by -OMe, -CH(2)OH, -CO(2)(-), and -CH(2)NH(3)(+), have been(More)
We first present an extended introduction of the various methods used to extract electronic and structural information from the K pre-edge X-ray absorption spectra of 3d transition metal ions. The K pre-edge structure is then modelled for a selection of 3d transition metal compounds and analyzed using first-principles calculations based on the density(More)
We report the first experimental detection of x-ray magnetochiral dichroism in magnetoelectric Cr2O3. This dichroism, which does not require any polarized x-ray beam, is related to the time-reversal odd part of the optical activity tensor dominated by electric dipole-electric quadrupole E1E2 interference terms. The experiments were carried out using either(More)
Probing the local environment of low-Z elements, such as oxygen, is of great interest for understanding the atomic-scale behavior in materials, but it requires experimental techniques allowing it to work with versatile sample environments. In this paper, the local environment of lithium borate crystals is investigated using non-resonant inelastic X-ray(More)
We present experimental and calculated Al K-edge X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) spectra of aluminous goethite with 10 to 33 mol % of AlOOH and diaspore. Significant changes are observed experimentally in the near and pre-edge regions with increasing Al concentration in goethite. First-principles calculations based on density-functional theory(More)
A combined experimental-theoretical study on the temperature dependence of the X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra of periclase (MgO), spinel (MgAl2O4), corundum (α-Al2O3), berlinite (α-AlPO4), stishovite and α-quartz (SiO2) is reported. Predictive calculations are presented when experimental data are(More)
Theoretical predictions show that depending on the populations of the Fe 3dxy, 3dxz, and 3dyz orbitals two possible quintet states can exist for the high-spin state of the photoswitchable model system [Fe(terpy)2] . The differences in the structure and molecular properties of these B2 and E quintets are very small and pose a substantial challenge for(More)