Delphine Baud

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Human plasma paraoxonase (HuPON1) is a high density lipoprotein (HDL)-bound enzyme exhibiting antiatherogenic properties. The molecular basis for the binding specificity of HuPON1 to HDL has not been established. Isolation of HuPON1 from HDL requires the use of detergents. We have determined the activity, dispersity, and oligomeric states of HuPON1 in(More)
Mitochondrial Carriers (MCs) are responsible for fluent traffic of a variety of compounds that need to be shuttled via mitochondrial inner membranes to maintain cell metabolism. The ADP/ATP Carriers (AACs) are responsible for the import of ADP inside the mitochondria and the export of newly synthesized ATP. In human, four different AACs isoforms are(More)
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