Delores M. Etter

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Biometrics is an emerging field of technology using unique and measurable physical, biological, or behavioral characteristics that can be processed to identify a person. It is a multidisciplinary subject that integrates engineering, statistics, mathematics, computing, psychology, and policy. The need for biometrics can be found in governments, in the(More)
An iris identification algorithm is proposed based on adaptive thresholding. The iris images are processed fully in the spatial domain using the distinct features (patterns) of the iris. A simple adaptive thresholding method is used to segment these patterns from the rest of an iris image. This method could possibly be utilized for partial iris recognition(More)
Nonuniform filterbanks have recently been proposed for subband adaptive filters (SAFs). However, nonuniform SAFs have not yet been given a thorough performance analysis. This paper gives a comprehensive mean square error (MSE) analysis of system modeling, nonuniform (and, degeneratively, uniform) SAFs after convergence for a specified filterbank. Using the(More)
Subband adaptive filters (SAFs) have gained widespread use in key applications such as echo cancellation, system identification, and equalization. SAFs are normally constrained to utilize uniform filterbanks. However, it has been recently proposed that nonuniform filterbanks can give additional flexibility to SAFs that may be used to increase performance. A(More)
The authors have developed a teaching model which includes theory, demonstrations, lab exercises, and real-time DSP experience using MATLAB and the Texas Instruments C6711 digital signal processing starter kit. This paper describes specific demonstrations' that can be used as part of this model.