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Recommended Citation Liu, Yuzhi. "Renormalization group and phase transitions in spin, gauge, and QCD like theories." PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) thesis, To the memory of my father, Deliang Liu. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Firstly, I would like to thank sincerely my advisor Professor Yannick Meurice for his guidance through the period of my work at University of(More)
—the pipe route arrangement in engine room is one of the most complex planning problems. All other activities depended on pipe routing layout result during the detailed design phase of a ship and its quality had a great impact on the whole ship design. The efforts of current research should be directed toward improving the efficiency of traditional AI(More)
In this paper based on early-late gate phase-locked loop a new frequency offset tracking algorithm is put forward. The study shows that under low SNR the performance of the proposed algorithm is better by several orders compared to the common frequency offset tracking methods, and it can track the first strong signal path in multipath fading channels at(More)
In this paper a novel and efficient symbol timing estimation algorithm is proposed for OFDM systems. This algorithm utilizes inherent correlation property of two segments of information sequence to carry out accurate symbol timing estimation. The studying results show that the algorithm can complete timing acquisition under large frequency offset and low(More)
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