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Socially Desirable Responding
This article investigated the dimensionality, measurement invariance, and cross-cultural variations of social desirability. A total of 3,471 university students from 20 countries completed an adaptedExpand
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Perceived Organizational Support for the Use of Employees’ Strengths and Employee Well-Being: A Cross-Country Comparison
Prior research in Western contexts has pointed to the benefits of supporting employees in the use of their personal strengths at work. This manuscript aims to investigate the invariance of theExpand
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National collective identity in transitional societies: Salience and relations to life satisfaction for youth in South Africa, Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Kosovo and Romania
In this study we investigated the salience of the construct of national collective identity and its associations with life satisfaction among adolescents living in transitional societiesExpand
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Procedures for Translating and Evaluating Equivalence of Questionnaires for Use in Cross-Cultural Studies
Taking into account the increased need to understand human behaviour across different cultural contexts there is a greater need than before to translate scales for use in large scale studies. ValidExpand
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Measurement Invariance of the Tilburg Work Identity Scale for Commitment and Reconsideration of Commitment (TWIS-CRC) in Romania, England, the Netherlands, and South Africa
Work plays a central role in people’s lives and their self-concepts. It was our objective in this article to a) explore the factor structure of a newly-developed measure of work identity, the TilburgExpand
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Is There a Paradox of Adaptation in Immigrant Children and Youth Across Europe? A Literature Review
This review examines how well children of immigrants in Europe are doing in terms of educational, psychological, and behavioral outcomes. Based on theory and research in developmental, social andExpand
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Multiple Social Identities in Relation to Self-Esteem of Adolescents in Post-communist Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Kosovo, and Romania
We test a model linking ethnic, familial, and religious identity to self-esteem among youth in Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Kosovo, and Romania. All countries are post-communist nations inExpand
Measurement Invariance of the Satisfaction with Life Scale in Roma Minority and Romanian Majority Adolescents in Romania
The Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS; Diener, Emmons, Larsen, & Griffin, 1985) is one of the most widely used scales for the measurement of subjective well-being. Yet, its measurement invarianceExpand
New approaches toward testing occupational values in Greek higher education Patterns in Neighboring Areas:I25
The aim of the present study was to raise a cartography of the values that guide occupational interests in the case of Greek young adults, especially during the time of crisis, along with theExpand