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Applications of X-ray image intensifiers in medical imaging, include the use of fluoroscopic projection images to generate three-dimensional tomographic reconstructions. Unfortunately, the inherent distortions on the acquired projections deteriorate the quality of the reconstructed tomograms. Distortion correction can be performed using algorithms that can(More)
Image reconstruction from X-ray cone-beam projections collected along a single-circular source trajectory is commonly done using the Feldkamp (FDK) algorithm which performs well only with a small cone-angle. Although this method does not provide an "exact" reconstruction, the approximation is considered adequate for many purposes. In FDK reconstruction the(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this retrospective study was to present a new computerized analysis system developed for the evaluation of follow-up CT scans after endovascular repair (EVR) of infrarenal aneurysm and to compare it to the conventional evaluation method as regards preciseness and ease of application. The system is based on the extraction of the surface of(More)
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