Delia Pigat

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The EU-Emotion Stimulus Set is a newly developed collection of dynamic multimodal emotion and mental state representations. A total of 20 emotions and mental states are represented through facial expressions, vocal expressions, body gestures and contextual social scenes. This emotion set is portrayed by a multi-ethnic group of child and adult actors. Here(More)
Numerical and spatial representations are tightly linked, i.e., when doing a binary classification judgment on Arabic digits, participants are faster to respond with their left/right hand to small/large numbers, respectively (Spatial-Numerical Association of Response Codes, SNARC effect, Dehaene et al. in J Exp Psychol Gen 122:371–396, 1993). To understand(More)
Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) have marked difficulties using verbal and non-verbal communication for social interaction. The running ASC-Inclusion project aims to help children with ASC by allowing them to learn how emotions can be expressed and recognised via playing games in a virtual world. The platform includes analysis of users'(More)
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