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INTRODUCTION Our objective was to evaluate the efficacy of conservative treatment with imiquimod in Paget vulvar disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS We describe a case series that includes 10 patients with histopathologic diagnosis of extramammary Paget disease of the vulva, who were treated with 5% imiquimod cream. Of these patients, 3 were treated for(More)
We performed a nutritional study of 80 alcoholic males at least 15 days after an acute episode of alcoholic intake. 43 patients were intermittent drinkers with mean age 37.9 years and 37 patients were continuous drinkers with mean age 440.30 healthy subjects were studied as controls. Body mass index was 23.7 (range 19.2-37.9) in intermittent drinkers(More)
The title mol-ecule, C(10)H(10)O(4), is a functionalized carbonate used in the synthetic route to organic glasses. The central CH fragment of the allyl group is disordered over two positions, with occupancies in a 0.758 (10):0.242 (10)ratio. This disorder reflects the torsional flexibility of the oxygen-allyl group, although both disordered parts present(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different dose levels of exogenous fibrolytic enzymes (EFE) on in vitro ruminal fermentation kinetics and energy utilization of foliages from three browse trees (Pithecellobium dulce, Heliocarpus velutinus and Guazuma ulmifolia). Mixture of EFE product was added to the leaves of the three browse tree(More)
30 female patients with anorexia nervosa (AN) were studied and compared with 45 age-matched normal controls. All the patients had severe weight loss and nutritional involvement. Mean and SE body mass index, BMI (kg/m2) were 15.8 +/- 1.8 in anorectics compared to 21.7 +/- 4.7 in normals (p < 0.0001). All the patients presented amenorrhea lasting between 3(More)
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