Deli Zheng

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There is lack of researches on discovering the emotion communication patterns in turn level. It is believe that can give a new view to build emotion computing model and improve the emotion prediction performance for interactive texts based applications. In this paper, a hierarchical emotion category is given. Then a hierarchical sequential pattern mining(More)
Aiming at compensating the lack of affect interaction between teachers and students in e-Learning systems/environments, this paper presents an architecture of interactive text-oriented affect compensation Mechanism in e-Learning. Based on which, a hierarchical emotion regulation agent (ERA) is proposed to perceive the emotion state of an individual or group(More)
Chinese Segmentation Ambiguity (CSA) is a fundamental problem confronted when processing Chinese language, where a sentence can generate more than one segmentation paths. Two techniques are commonly used to identify CSA: Omni-segmentation and Bi-directional Maximum Matching (BiMM). Due to the high computational complexity, Omni-segmentation is difficult to(More)
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