Delfien Staelens

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BACKGROUND The number of HIV-1 infected individuals in the Western world continues to rise. More in-depth understanding of regional HIV-1 epidemics is necessary for the optimal design and adequate use of future prevention strategies. The use of a combination of phylogenetic analysis of HIV sequences, with data on patients' demographics, infection route,(More)
BACKGROUND Determination of HIV-1 co-receptor use is a necessity before initiation of a CCR5 antagonist but the longevity of a CCR5-use prediction remains unknown. METHODS Genotypic co-receptor tropism determination was performed in 225 newly diagnosed individuals consulting an AIDS Reference Centre. Samples were collected at diagnosis and at initiation(More)
BACKGROUND Pre-analytical sample processing is often overlooked as a potential cause of inaccurate assay results. Here we demonstrate how plasma, extracted from standard EDTA- containing blood collection tubes, may contain traces of blood cells consequently resulting in a false low-level HIV-1 viral load when using Roche Cobas HIV-1 assays. METHODS The(More)
Deep sequencing of plasma RNA or proviral DNA may be an interesting alternative to population sequencing for the detection of baseline transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance. Using a Roche 454 GS Junior HIV-1 prototype kit, we performed deep sequencing of the HIV-1 protease and reverse transcriptase genes on paired plasma and buffy coat samples from newly(More)
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