Delbert Tesar

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This work suggests a new (novel) approach for the control of taskspace stiffness characteristics in systems consisting of a superabundance of kinematically dependent inputs. When there are more input actuations than operational degrees off", intemal preloads can be generated that produce effective restoring farces in the face of displacement or disturbances(More)
In this paper, we present the design and development of the UC-Softhand. The UC Softhand is a low cost, Bionic and adaptive hand that takes advantage of compliant joints. By optimization of the actuation strategy as well as the actuation mechanism, we could develop an anthropomorphic hand that embeds three actuators, transmission mechanisms, controllers and(More)
In this paper, a simple and approximate formulation to be used in the initial phase of modular interface design is presented, which relates the design parameters such as contact stiffness, geometry dimensions and dimensional tolerances to the final relative position and orientation of connected interfaces. Specifically, the concept of contact spring from(More)
This study introduces a criteria-based methodology for grasp synthesis. The method allows using multiple performance criteria both at the finger and the hand levels, which are used to generate a preliminary grasp and an optimum grasp, respectively. The approach offers reduced complexity by decomposing grasp synthesis into manageable phases. A case study(More)