Delbert D. Thiessen

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Gerbils mark objects with the secretion of a midventral sebaceous gland. Both the behavior and the gland integrity are under androgen control, as indicated by castration and replacement with testosterone propionate. The integrity of the gland seems less important for marking than an influence on the central nervous system, although the gland can be used as(More)
Very few behavioral patterns generalize across human and nonhuman species. We describe washing, drying, and anointing sequences in humans (Homo sapiens) that may have analogies with other species. The rank ordering of washing, drying, and anointing body parts was obtained over 3 successive days for 37 men and 60 women. Variation in rank ordering of body(More)
Ventral scent-marking in the male Mongolian gerbil, Meriones unguiculatus, may be related to reproductive potential. In four experiments involving nine groups, males' marking during 5-min. open field tests correlated with their social and reproductive status. The lowest levels of marking occurred among individually housed or subordinate males of a pair,(More)