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<b>Introduction</b> Perhaps the business case for adopting open source software is an easy sell. After all, the software is free, and can be simply downloaded from the Internet and installed or customized as needed. Organizations interested in reducing the licensing fees of proprietary software, while also avoiding the penalties and legal liabilities(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of our study was to compare the healing characteristics of two common techniques of obtaining a dermal graft and the patient's perception of the aesthetics of the donor site scar. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty-two female patients (60 sites) were evaluated by means of questionnaire, interview, and chart review. The mean follow-up time was(More)
In the practice of forensic medicine, we find many of cases of death where the actual cause is not determinable with autopsy, histological or toxicological examinations. In these cases of death, we can consider cardiac dysfunction of unknown origin, in the background of which such a physiologic cardiac insufficiency occurs that cannot be detected with the(More)
  • D Nagy
  • 1990
A post-traumatic pancreas cyst is described in a 16-year-old young man causing symptoms only 13 years after the accident. The formation of the cyst happened on an ischaemic basis. In classical terms this cyst is a transitional form between real cysts and pseudocysts of the pancreas.
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