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Keywords: Inverted polymer solar cells FTO PVP surface modification Al-doped ZnO a b s t r a c t Nano-textured transparent electrodes are commonly used to receive higher light absorption in inverted polymer solar cells (IPSC). However, the performance of the device is often restricted by the highly rough morphology of the textured transparent electrode. In(More)
In this work, the effects of loading condition and corrosion solution on the corrosion fatigue behavior of smooth steel wire were discussed. The results of polarization curves and weight loss curves showed that the corrosion of steel wire in acid solution was more severe than that in neutral and alkaline solutions. With the extension of immersion time in(More)
A self-made fretting fatigue tester for steel wire based on the computer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine is introduced in the paper. The working principle and experimental method are described. The signals of contact load, fretting tangential force and fretting amplitude are collected using force and displacement sensors.(More)
This paper introduces a self-made fretting apparatus and its working principle. Based on industrial personal computer, DMC1000 motion control card, PCL-1710L data acquisition card and other hardware devices and applying the Visual Basic 6.0 development environment and DLL technology, the control, measurement and data acquisition systems are developed. The(More)
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