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Localization due to topological stochastic disorder in active networks.
Three different routes to underdamped relaxation are illuminated and it is shown that localization plays a major role in the analysis and implications of the bulk-edge correspondence principle are addressed.
Multidimensional paperfolding systems.
A general multidimensional recursion rule is presented for the regular paperfolding structure by straightforward generalization of the one-dimensional rule and possible generalizations of the dragon curve are discussed.
Multidimensional "Paperfolding" Structures - Three and Four Dimensions
This work recapitulates the previously developed recursive algorithm for creating paperfolding structures in arbitrary dimensions and conjecture (without proof) that the Fourier spectrum of the structures is pure point (the Bragg peaks).
Breakdown of quantum-to-classical correspondence for diffusion in a high-temperature thermal environment
We re-consider the old problem of Brownian motion in homogeneous high-temperature thermal environment. The classical theory implies that the diffusion coefficient does not depend on whether the
Aperiodic structures, order and disorder, complexity and entropy
It is pointed out that the perfectly deterministic Champernowne and Copeland-Erdős sequences have entropy ln 2 exactly like fair Bernoulli, showing that entropy, regardless of its definition, does not distinguish between deterministic and random systems.
Lognormal-like statistics of a stochastic squeeze process.
The results go beyond the heuristic lognormal description that is implied by the central limit theorem and show that the radial diffusion in a stochastic squeeze process has a nonmonotonic dependence on w/D.
Quantum stochastic transport along chains
This work considers both an infinite tight-binding chain and a finite ring within the framework of an Ohmic master equation, and highlights non-monotonic dependence of the current on the bias, and a counter-intuitive enhancement of the effective disorder due to coherent hopping.
Emergence of Sinai physics in the stochastic motion of passive and active particles
A particle that is immersed in a uniform temperature bath performs Brownian diffusion, as discussed by Einstein. But Sinai has realized that in a ‘random environment’ the diffusion is suppressed.