Dek Terrell

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Little is known regarding the relationship of serum fatty acids to cardiovascular risk factors in Nigerian populations. Civil servants with higher socioeconomic status (SES) in Nigeria appear to be in cultural transition toward a more Westernized lifestyle. For this study the food intakes of 397 civil servants were estimated from two 24-h recalls. Fatty(More)
To determine whether offspring of hypertensives show enhanced sympathetic nervous system activity, we evaluated several indices of sympathoadrenal activation and cardiovascular responsiveness to behavioral stimuli among 90 normotensive, young adult men having either one or two hypertensive parents (PH+(-), PH++) or normotensive parents only (PH--) (n =(More)
Reviewed in the present article are over 150 family history studies of essential hypertension. By comparing normotensive individuals with and without a family history of hypertension, these investigations seek to identify potential pathophysiologic factors that predate the development of high blood pressure. The research literatures summarized here(More)
To determine the independent and interactive influences of ethnicity, gender and parental hypertension on the magnitude and patterning of hemodynamic responses to standardized laboratory stressors, 112 normotensive, young adult African-American and Caucasian subjects (56 women, 56 men) completed a four-task protocol: three psychological stressors (the(More)
This paper embeds Terrell's (1996) method of incorporating monotonicity and concavity conditions into the Bayesian stochastic frontier model proposed by Koop, Osiewalski, and Steel (1994). This method ensures analysis based on a cost function consistent with economic theory, guarantees that all inefficiency is reserved for the error component and should(More)
RESEARCH OBJECTIVE This study investigates the impact of misreporting by Medicaid recipients on estimates of the uninsured in Louisiana, and is based on similar work by Call et al. in Minnesota and Klerman, Ringel, and Roth in California. With its unique charity hospital system, culture, and high poverty, Louisiana provides an interesting and unique context(More)
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