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This paper reports the results of testing and using the National Death Index to ascertain vital status in the American Cancer Society's prospective cohort study, Cancer Prevention Study II. This cohort of over one million men and women, enrolled by volunteers in 1982, is one of the largest ever to be linked with the National Death Index. In a linkage of(More)
RESEARCH OBJECTIVE This study investigates the impact of misreporting by Medicaid recipients on estimates of the uninsured in Louisiana, and is based on similar work by Call et al. in Minnesota and Klerman, Ringel, and Roth in California. With its unique charity hospital system, culture, and high poverty, Louisiana provides an interesting and unique context(More)
into Stochastic Cost Frontiers Dek Terrell and Imad Dashti* September 25, 1997 Abstract This paper embeds Terrell's (1996) method of incorporating monotonicity and concavity conditions into the Bayesian stochastic frontier model proposed by Koop, Osiewalski, and Steel (1994). This method ensures analysis based on a cost function consistent with economic(More)
  • Dek Terrell
  • The Journal of the American Board of Family…
  • 1989
This report reviews the use of hormonal therapy in postmenopausal women and gives specific attention to its benefits in the older patients. Concomitant use of progestin is recommended for all but the very old who are being treated for urogenital problems. Strategies for minimizing withdrawal bleeding and the adverse impacts of progestins on lipoprotein(More)
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