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IT enterprises generally believe that there is still a certain knowledge and skill gap between the demand of enterprises and IT professionals trained by the colleges and universities in China. IT students face enormous pressure in employment after graduation. As IT enterprises are the end-user of IT students, tertiary institutes should be market-oriented(More)
ii To Minhye, Sunnie, and April iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank my advisor, Professor James O. Berger, for his support and guidance. His thoughts and insight in statistics helped me in writing this thesis and nurtured my research in many ways. I am grateful to my committee members, Professor Anirban Dasgupta, Professor Chong Gu, and Professor(More)
  • Dejun Tang
  • 2007
In this paper, an observer applying for switched linear system with delays in state variables is proposed for the control of the system. The reduction of the conservatism is resolved by using of the switched Lyapunov function approach. Some results are also extended to the uncertain system. Several linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) are established to(More)
Hierarchical modeling is wonderful and here to stay, but hyperparameter priors are often chosen in a casual fashion. Unfortunately, as the number of hyperparameters grows, the effects of casual choices can multiply, leading to considerably inferior performance. As an extreme, but not uncommon, example use of the wrong hyperparameter priors can even lead to(More)
This paper examines IT engineering education and attempts to highlight the need for Quality Management and Assurance Systems such as the ABET international quality standard system. This will be achieved by focusing on the education practice of the Neusoft Institute of Information (Neusoft II), an institution that has committed in its charter to continuous(More)
Engineer shortage and quality of engineering education is now a common problem, which requires engineering education reform urgently. The CDIO engineering education model is developed to solve this problem by setting a set of systematic, generic and feasible teaching standards for all engineering education areas. To reform the current engineering education(More)
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