Dejun Mu

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—Information flow tracking is an effective tool in computer security for detecting unintended information flows. However, software based information flow tracking implementations have drawbacks in preciseness and performance. As a result, researchers have begun to explore tracking information flow in hardware, and more specifically, understanding the(More)
High-assurance systems found in safety-critical infrastructures are facing steadily increasing cyber threats. These critical systems require rigorous guarantees in information flow security to prevent confidential information from leaking to an unclassified domain and the root of trust from being violated by an untrusted party. To enforce bit-tight(More)
—Embedded systems found in critical infrastructures require tight information flow controls to prevent unintended interference between different system components. These critical embedded systems require extensive testing and verification to ensure strict enforcement of information flow policy. To assist in this process, gate level information flow tracking(More)
Cryptographic function implementations are known to leak information about private keys through timing information. By using statistical analysis of the variations in runtime required to encrypt different messages, an attacker can relatively easily determine the key with high probability. There are many mitigation techniques to combat these side channels;(More)