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Heated from above, the oceans are stably stratified. Therefore, the performance of general ocean circulation models and climate studies through coupled atmosphere-ocean models depends critically on vertical mixing of energy and momentum in the water column. Many of the traditional general circulation models are based on total kinetic energy (TKE), in which(More)
Herein, we report that persistent free radicals (PFRs) based on MWCNTs significantly accelerate the pollutant removal rate. EPR measurement combined with the electrochemical test indicated that a nonradical mechanism was responsible for the enhancement, which is different from the previously reported radical pathway on PFRs.
A massive bloom of macroalgae occurred in the western Yellow Sea at the end of May, 2008, and lasted for nearly 2 months. The surface-drifting macroalgae was observed to accumulate in a pattern dominated by linear bands. The maximum length of individual algal bands exceeded 10 km and the distance between neighboring bands ranged from hundreds of meters to 6(More)
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