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We describe the design and implementation of Deep-Dive, a system for transparently identifying and managing performance interference between virtual machines (VMs) co-located on the same physical machine in Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud environments. DeepDive successfully addresses several important challenges , including the lack of performance(More)
The power consumption of the Internet and datacenter networks is already significant, and threatens to shortly hit the power delivery limits while the hardware is trying to sustain ever-increasing traffic requirements. Existing energy-reduction approaches in this domain advocate recomputing network configuration with each substantial change in demand.(More)
In this paper, we have presented a survey of the power control techniques for modern wireless DS-CDMA communication systems. Power control is the single most important system requirement for DS-CDMA system. Well-defined power control is essential for proper functioning of the DS-CDMA system. In the absence of power control the effect of near/far phenomena(More)
Effective resource management of virtualized environments is a challenging task. State-of-the-art management systems either rely on analytical models or evaluate resource allocations by running actual experiments. However, both approaches incur a significant overhead once the workload changes. The former needs to re-calibrate and re-validate models, whereas(More)
DiCE is a system for online testing of federated and heterogeneous distributed systems. We have built a prototype of DiCE and integrated it with an open-source BGP router. DiCE quickly detects three important classes of faults, resulting from configuration mistakes, policy conflicts and programming errors. The goal of this demo is to showcase our DiCE(More)
In this paper the influence of the channel estimation error on the performance of the closed loop Tx diversity algorithms for WCDMA is studied for high number of Tx antennas. The analysed algorithms are recently proposed generalised closed loop Tx diversity, all-antenna Tx diversity and one-antenna selection Tx diversity. It was shown that generalised(More)
In this paper, the multistage multiuser detector for communication over multipath fading channel is considered. The detector consists of a matched filters bank and a linear equalizer whose outputs are diversity combined to produce initial data estimates. Using these data estimates multiuser interference is reconstructed and removed from the output signals(More)