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UNLABELLED The first description of the adrenal gland dates since 1563 by Eustachius in a study "Opscula anatomica". Despite earlier recognition of the presence of adrenals and division into cortex and medulla, the precise observations of Addison appeared in 1855 that the essential role of these glands was recognized in patients who died with adrenal(More)
The results of pretransplantation preparation of patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis program before the kidney transplantation at our clinic have been presented. Residual kidney function, and bladder function, respectively, as well as the incidence of the hepatotropic viruses B and C infections and cytotoxic antibodies percentage following blood(More)
The aim was to present a four-year experience in living related kidney transplantation. A total of 43 patients (9 females and 34 males) were enrolled in this study. The standard triple immunosuppressive therapy (steroids, azathioprine and cyclosporine) was administered in 19 (44.1%) patients, and in 20 (46.5%) mycophenolate mophetil in daily dose of 2 g(More)
BACKGROUND In countries without a national organization for retrieval and distribution of organs of the deceased donors, problem of organ shortage is still not resolved. In order to increase the number of kidney transplantations we started with the program of living unrelated - spousal donors. The aim of this study was to compare treatment outcome and renal(More)
Cyclosporine (CsA) nephrotoxicity is an important problem in renal transplant recipients, which can influence long-term graft survival. The safety of conversion from CsA to azathioprine (AZA) remains controversial and can result in higher incidence of acute rejection. Mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) is a new immunosuppressive agent superior to AZA in the(More)
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