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– Nowadays, many time-critical applications require 3D rendering algorithms for the visualization of massive terrain datasets. For such applications it is essentially important to use CPU processing power as little as possible, because in real-life applications the CPU usually has more task to do than just a terrain drawing. There is a huge burden imposed(More)
The proliferation of cheap and compact Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers has led to most Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems today relying almost exclusively on satellite-based locating systems, as GPS is the most stable implementation of these. This paper presents the characteristics of a proposed system for tracking and analysing public bus(More)
For a number of years vehicle fleet tracking systems are in use in companies operating large number of vehicles in the field. Proliferation of cheap and compact GPS receivers had the effect that Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems today almost exclusively use satellite based locating systems. This paper presents characteristics of realized system(More)
Introduction Nowadays, most people usually carry sophisticated sensing devices which can be utilized in order to extend existing and create new sensor networks [1]. These sensing devices are mobile phones which become the most used mobile devices for fulfilling everyday computing and communication needs. Mobile phones are lately equipped with a rich set of(More)