Deirdre W. Wheeler

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a b c d d c b a d c b a d c b a Arrows are annotated by the substrucure to which they are applied d c b a Figure 3: Why ?! is weakly Church-Rosser Note that all that was said in this section generalizes beyond CCG derivations to any associative algebra. Given the rightmost subconstituent recovered using the normal form technique above, how should parsing(More)
Many psychologists who study cognition believe that perception achieves object-centered representations that make it possible to extract representations of how the object would appear from differing viewpoints. Others believe we can achieve representations of how an object would appear by a process of visualization or mental rotation. We report experiments(More)
When a figure moves behind a narrow aperture in an opaque surface, if it is perceived as a figure, its shape will often appear distorted. Under such anorthoscopic conditions, the speed or direction of the object's motion is ambiguous. However, when the observer simultaneously tracks a moving target, a figure is always perceived, and its precise shape is a(More)
Induced movement occurs not only when an object surrounding a stationary one moves below threshold but when it moves above threshold. The above-threshold effect is particularly puzzling and seemingly irrational because the relative displacement should be fully accounted for by perceiving the moving object in motion. The accepted theory has been that such(More)
2 Abstract The development of a daily historical European – North Atlantic mean sea level pressure data set for 1850-2003 on a 5° latitude by longitude grid is described. This product, known as EMSLP, was produced using 86 continental and island stations distributed over the region 70° W-50° E, 25° – 70° N, blended with marine data from the International(More)
In a previous paper (Touretzky & Wheeler, 1990a) we showed how adding a clustering operation to a connectionist phonology model produced a parallel processing account of certain "iterative" phenomena. In this paper we show how the addition of a second structuring primitive, syllabification, greatly increases the power of the model. We present examples from(More)
Widely spread naming inconsistencies in neuroscience pose a vexing obstacle to effective communication within and across areas of expertise. This problem is particularly acute when identifying neuron types and their properties. is a web-accessible neuroinformatics resource that organizes existing data about essential properties of all known(More)