Deirdre W. Wheeler

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a b c d d c b a d c b a d c b a Arrows are annotated by the substrucure to which they are applied d c b a Figure 3: Why ?! is weakly Church-Rosser Note that all that was said in this section generalizes beyond CCG derivations to any associative algebra. Given the rightmost subconstituent recovered using the normal form technique above, how should parsing(More)
A model of phonological processing in speech production based on prosodic licensing can capture general patterns of errors found in both normal and aphasic speech. All segments must be licensed by some prosodic category (syllable, nucleus, or rime) in order to be produced. Constraints on licensing, including both phonotactic and binding constraints, ensure(More)
Thirty-five elementary school children received the WISC, Rorschach, CAT, and Sentence Completion Test in counterbalanced order with a test-test interval of approximately 24 hours. State and trait anxiety measures were assessed immediately prior to and immediately following each test administration. Results indicated that state anxiety measures increased(More)
In a previous paper (Touretzky & Wheeler, 1990a) we showed how adding a clustering operation to a connectionist phonology model produced a parallel processing account of certain "iterative" phenomena. In this paper we show how the addition of a second structuring primitive, syllabification, greatly increases the power of the model. We present examples from(More)
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