Deirdre Lungley

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A simulation model of the growth of the plant root system is described. Firstly, the numbers and lengths of the laterals derived from a single axis are obtained from specified rates of elongation and branching. Secondly, the vertical distribution of filament lengt his obtained, after specifying the rate of initiation of axes at the crown of the plant and(More)
This paper provides an overview of the experiments we carried out at the TREC 2011 Session Track. We propose two different approaches to tackle the task introduced this year. The first one relies on a biologically inspired adaptive model for information filtering to build a user profile of multiple topics of interests throughout the session. The learnt(More)
This paper addresses the question of how to improve search results by incorporating previous interactions with the search engine within the same session. It explores the usefulness of Formal Concept Analysis to derive knowledge structures that represent information needs of users within a Web search session. Using TREC 2010 session track data as an(More)
Today, searchers exploring the World Wide Web have come to expect enhanced search interfaces – query completion and related searches have become standard. Here we propose a Formal Concept Analysis lattice as an underlying domain model to provide a source of query refinements. The initial lattice is constructed using NLP. User clicks on documents, seen as(More)
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