Deirdre J. Smith

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BACKGROUND Some studies suggest better overall outcomes when right unilateral electroconvulsive therapy (RUL ECT) is given with an ultrabrief, rather than brief, pulse width. METHODS The aim of the study was to test if ultrabrief-pulse RUL ECT results in less cognitive side effects than brief- pulse RUL ECT, when given at doses which achieve comparable(More)
A neutral environment paired with insulin injections can develop the capacity to elicit glycemic changes. However, both conditioned hypoglycemia and conditioned hyperglycemia have been reported under apparently similar circumstances. The present study examined conditioned glycemic changes as a function of the number of conditioning trials and the novelty of(More)
Twelve, healthy normal men aged 21-25 years received each of four treatments (triazolam placebo plus caffeine placebo, triazolam 0.50 mg plus caffeine placebo, triazolam 0.50 mg plus caffeine 4 mg/kg, triazolam 0.50 mg plus caffeine 8 mg/kg), double blind, in a Latin-Square design. Triazolam or placebo was administered at 0830 and caffeine or placebo at(More)
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