Deimison Rodrigues Neves

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The origin of luciferases and of bioluminescence is enigmatic. In beetles, luciferases seem to have evolved from AMP-CoA-ligases. How the new oxygenase luminogenic function originated from AMP-ligases leading to luciferases is one of the most challenging mysteries of bioluminescence. Comparison of the cloned luciferase-like enzyme from the nonluminescent(More)
Beetle luciferases emit different bioluminescence colors from green to red; however, no clear relationship between the identity of the luciferin binding site residues and bioluminescence colors was found in different luciferases, and it is unclear whether critical interactions affecting emission spectra occur on the thiazolyl or on the benzothiazolyl sides(More)
Beetle luciferases produce different bioluminescence colors from green to red using the same d-luciferin substrate. Despite many studies of the mechanisms and structural determinants of bioluminescence colors with firefly luciferases, the identity of the emitters and the specific active site interactions responsible for bioluminescence color modulation(More)
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