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The objectives of the study were to characterize an ultrasound reproductive tract scoring (URTS) system to assess suitability for breeding in dairy cows, to describe the prevalence of these scores in commercial dairy herds and to examine their relationship with subsequent fertility. Ultrasound examinations (7797) were performed on 5751 Holstein-Friesian(More)
A rapid response team was instigated in Cork to improve prehospital care and reduce unnecessary Emergency Department (ED) visits. This consisted of a Specialist Registrar (SpR) in Emergency Medicine and a Paramedic who attended all "999" calls in a designated rapid response vehicle on the allotted study days. Two hundred and sixty-three patients were seen(More)
Since the opening of a temporary ice-rink in our hospital's catchment area, we have observed an increase in patients requiring in-patient treatment for orthopaedic intervention. The authors performed a prospective analysis of all patients admitted to our unit over a one-month period. Epidemiological data, wearing of protective gear and skater experience(More)
PURPOSE To present the effects of TheraTogs and twister cables (TCs) on in-toeing during gait in a child with spina bifida while comparing overall parent and patient satisfaction. CASE DESCRIPTION The participant was a 2-year-old girl with L4 spina bifida with bilateral in-toeing during gait. INTERVENTION The child was given a 6-week intervention of(More)
Editor—Our hospital trust, in common with many throughout the UK and beyond, wishes to increase the number of operations performed on a day case basis. One of the constraints on this is the increasing proportion of the population which is obese. It is reasonable to exercise caution in selecting obese patients for surgery as this group poses a number of(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, there has been an emphasis on improving quality, safety, and value in the delivery of health care in the United States. The American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS) has developed a performance improvement questionnaire (PIQ) for orthopaedic surgeons managing pediatric supracondylar humerus fracture (PSCHF). Using the supracondylar(More)
A ten year review (1980-89) of Wexford perinatal statistics is presented. Particular emphasis was placed on neonatal deaths and transfer rates of normally formed infants. Increased visits by paediatricians in the last two years have been associated with an increased neonatal transfer rate to a regional unit 40 miles away. Neonatal mortality rates have not(More)
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