Dehui Kong

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This paper proposes a new method to generate smooth transition frames for serializing Chinese sign-language video clips. Each transition frame is composed of images of arms, hands, head and torso. Of them, the hand images are computed based on 3D hand models, and images of other parts are selected from a database. Experimental results show the method(More)
Plasticity of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) plays a central role in the onset and progression of proliferative vascular diseases. In adult tissue, VSMCs exist in a physiological contractile-quiescent phenotype, which is defined by lack of the ability of proliferation and migration, while high expression of contractile marker proteins. After injury to(More)
Co-articulation is a language phenomenon. In sign language (SL), it takes the form of impact among adjacent signs, which results in variations of signs from their standard configurations. Standard configuration is the appearance of a sign when it appears singly, without context. Without co-articulation, SL animation based on virtual character will be a(More)
Acquiring light field with larger angular resolution and higher spatial resolution in low cost is the goal of light field capture. Combining or modifying traditional optical cameras is a usual method for designing light field capture equipment, among which most models should deliberate trade-off between angular and spatial resolution, but augmenting coded(More)