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By analyzing quaternion rotation theory, the color difference between two color pixels can be represented in quaternion form. Based on this representation of color difference, an efficient color-impulse detector for switching vector median filters is presented. Extensive simulations indicate that the proposed algorithm provides a significant improvement(More)
Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells were isolated by a double enzyme digestion method. The third passage of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells was induced with heparin and/or basic fibroblast growth factor. Results confirmed that cell morphology did not change after induction with basic fibroblast growth factor alone. However, neuronal morphology was(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic stable angina pectoris (CSAP) is a common cardiovascular condition that endangers a patient's life quality and longevity. As demonstrated in several clinical trials, acupuncture is attested to be effective for CSAP. Current trials are not adequate enough to provide high-quality evidence for clinical decision making, as a result of(More)
Color quantization is wildly exploited for many applications especially in the fields of computer graphics and image processing. After studying the approaches of color clustering, a new approach based on ant colony clustering algorithm applied in color image quantization is proposed in the paper. According to the picking up-dropping theory, a promoted ant(More)