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Consider a question and its answers in Stack Overflow as a knowledge unit. Knowledge units often contain semantically relevant knowledge, and thus linkable for different purposes, such as duplicate questions, directly linkable for problem solving, indirectly linkable for related information. Recognizing different classes of linkable knowledge would support(More)
Text categorization, or text classification, is one of key tasks for representing the semantic information of documents. Multi-label text categorization is finer-grained approach to text categorization which consists of assigning multiple target labels to documents. It is more challenging compared to the task of multi-class text categorization due to the(More)
Mixed-precision implementation of computation can deliver area, throughput and power improvements for dataflow computations over homogeneous fixed-precision circuits without any loss in accuracy. When designing circuits for reconfigurable hardware, we can exercise independent control over bitwidth selection of each variable in the computation. However,(More)
Software engineering social content, such as Q&A discussions on Stack Overflow, has become a wealth of information on software engineering. This textual content is centered around software-specific entities, and their usage patterns, issues-solutions, and alternatives. However, existing approaches to analyzing software engineering texts treat(More)
When discussing programming issues on social platforms (e.g, Stack Overflow, Twitter), developers often mention APIs in natural language texts. Extracting API mentions in natural language texts is a prerequisite for effective indexing and searching for API-related information in software engineering social content. However, the informal nature of social(More)
Bitwidth optimization of FPGA datapaths can save hardware resources by choosing the fewest number of bits required for each datapath variable to achieve a desired quality of result. However, it is an NP-hard problem that requires unacceptably long runtimes when using sequential CPU-based heuristics. We show how to parallelize the key steps of bitwidth(More)
Programming-specific Q&A sites (e.g., Stack Overflow) are being used extensively by software developers for knowledge sharing and acquisition. Due to the cross-reference of questions and answers (note that users also reference URLs external to the Q&A site. In this paper, URL sharing refers to internal URLs within the Q&A site, unless otherwise stated),(More)
Part-of-speech (POS) tagging performance degrades on out-of-domain data due to the lack of domain knowledge. Software engineering knowledge, embodied in textual documentations, bug reports and online forum discussions, is expressed in natural language, but is full of domain terms, software entities and software-specific informal languages. Such software(More)
In these days there are two famous internet attacks these are malware and phishing. Malware stands for malicious software. It is designed to damage computer system without knowledge of the user. Phishing website is comparatively new internet crime to malware attack. Phishing is a form of online fraud such as social engineering schemes by sending e-mails,(More)
Stack Overflow has been providing question and answering service for 7 years. It has become a tremendous knowledge repository for developers' thoughts and practices. Hyperlinks in discussion threads of Stack Overflow are essential knowledge entities for programming on the Web, such as a software library, an API documentation, a code example, or a tutorial.(More)