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Regional crop yield prediction is a significant component of national food security assessment and food policy making. The crop growth model based on field scale is limited when it is extrapolated to regional scale to estimate crop yield due to the uncertainty of the input parameters. The data assimilation method which combines crop growth model and(More)
Firstly, this paper analyzes the basic principles and processes of the spatial pattern changes of land use in towns and villages, and the result shows that the land resource demands of urban development and population growth lead to the spatial pattern changes. Secondly, in order to grip land use changes better, the paper proposes a method for the(More)
The standardized precipitation index (SPI) was used to quantify the classification of drought in the Guanzhong Plain, China. The autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models were developed to fit and forecast the SPI series. Most of the selected ARIMA models are seasonal models (SARIMA). The forecast results show that the forecasting power of the(More)
Lodging in maize, which is the result of the genotype-by-environment interactions, causes severe yield losses annually. There are many studies on lodging resistance of maize varieties now, but information about maize planting environment lodging stress is very rare. The environment lodging stress, which is a result of various factors, is characterized by(More)
This paper quantitatively analyzs the map information of different scales in the range of the mapping scale by making use of landscape pattern index, and constructs an evaluation index system by the standard of cartographic generalization evaluation. It takes land use cartographic generalization in Da Xing agricultural region of Beijing for an example,(More)
Most of the current disaster recovery solutions need to rely on expensive commercial disaster recovery software and hardware. In order to reduce the cost of disaster recovery, a fully featured, affordable disaster recovery solution and an offsite disaster recovery system RDRS (Remote Disaster Recovery System) are putted forward in this paper. Based on(More)