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Although it is well established that embryonic stem (ES) cells have the potential to differentiate into dopamine neurons, the molecular basis of this process, particularly the role of microRNAs (miRNAs), remains largely unknown. Here we report that miR-132 plays a key role in the differentiation of dopamine neurons by directly regulating the expression of(More)
In order to understand the recovery characteristics of AC contactors and improve their performance, experimental measurements were used to investigate the arcing gap recovery process including dielectric recovery strength and reignition, to a pair of splitter plate together and four kinds of arc chamber of AC contactors. A special circuit was designed to(More)
In the optimum design of AC contactors, it is important to analyze the dynamic behavior. Moreover, movable contact and core bounces have remarkable effect on the lifetime of contactors. According to a kind of intelligent contactor with feedback mechanism, this paper builds two different sets of periodically inter-transferred equations. The equations(More)
Two dimensional optical fiber measurement system is used to investigate experimentally the arc motion and reignition with four different configurations of quenching chamber in an AC contactor. It demonstrates that the splitter plate arrangement has significant effect on the arc motion in arc quenching chamber, and fixing arc runner in the first and last(More)
To the optimization design of molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs), it is important and necessary to simulate the interruption process and analyze the characteristics. A set of differential equations can describe the interactive coupled phenomena of electric circuit, electromagnetic field and mechanism motion system in MCCB. First, with virtual prototyping(More)
A two-dimensional compressible magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) computational model has been developed to study the effect of gassing material on air arc behavior in low voltage circuit breaker. The properties of arc plasma and the electric, magnetic and radiative phenomena have been taken into account in the model. Based on the model, steady state solutions have(More)
To one double-breaker model, experimental investigation on blow open force was carried out. It demonstrates that the ratio between the emerging blow open force and arc power FB/ui decreases with the arcing time, the contact gap has less effect on FB/ui, and the characteristics of the blow open force are similar when the peak value of the short circuit(More)