Degan Zhang

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This work presents the intelligent meeting room, an ongoing project dedicated to the development of an augmented meeting room, which facilitates participants with mobile device to argue or discuss their ideas. For presenter, the interaction becomes friendlier and more efficient by personalizing shared devices - projector. The context-aware note program,(More)
One of the key problems that should be solved is the collision between tags which lowers the efficiency of the RFID system. The existed popular anti-collision algorithms are ALOHA-type algorithms and QT. But these methods show good performance when the number of tags to read is small and not dynamic. However, when the number of tags to read is large and(More)
As a new kind of computing paradigm, pervasive computing will meet the requirements of human being that anybody maybe obtain services in anywhere and at anytime, task-oriented seamless migration is one of its applications. Apparently, the function of seamless mobility is suitable for mobile services, such as mobile Web-based learning. In this article, under(More)
In this paper, we propose a manager of seamless mobile service for pervasive/ubiquitous multimedia, which can dynamically follow the user from place to place without user awareness or intervention by layering architecture of component platform and agent-based migrating mechanism under consideration of robustness, scalability and load balancing. The manager(More)