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To choose and manage networked manufacturing resources efficiently, a fuzzy association rules mining technique was proposed. According to the analysis of all data types, a specialized data preprocessing method was applied to extract, wash and transform networked manufacturing resources data, and a self-contained data warehouse on networked manufacturing(More)
The data security is one of the biggest problems which inhibit the further application of the ASP platform. This paper put forward an ASP-based security system strategy which includes infrastructure security, safeguard security boundary and computing environment protection. An ASP-oriented intrusion detection model was also proposed, and the intrusion(More)
To design dirt separator rapidly and accurately, a knowledge-based product automatic design system was introduced in this paper. A way of adopting knowledge reuse to customize dirt separators was employed as the key technique of the system. According to the requirements of the automatic design system, a knowledge classification method was put forward, and(More)
A complete full Stokes imaging spectropolarimeter is proposed. Four separate polarized spectra are fed into the Sagnac Fourier transform spectrometer without slit using different angle combinations of the polarized elements. The four polarized spectra are separated without spatial aliasing. And the system has a good performance to resist the instrument(More)
To meet the needs of knowledge management for product development, a knowledge active push model was proposed. The knowledgeflow of the active push mechanism was analyzed as well as design knowledge organization and knowledge match of the system. A multi-table-based knowledge discovery method was introduced. To push the right knowledge to the right person,(More)
To organize an ideal dynamic alliance, choosing and optimizing manufacturing resources are very important. In this paper, a manufacturing resource choosing method based on CBR (case-based reasoning) was introduced. A method of calculating the similarity degree between the original cases and the retrieved ones was proposed, which was based on the combination(More)
The research of this paper was based on V-model dual-moving-coil electrodynamic oscillator. The finite element model of the oscillator mobile system was established in the paper. The subsequent model analysis revealed that the steep troughs and peaks existing in the frequency curve result from the axial symmetric structure of the mobile system. The findings(More)