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BACKGROUND Whether limb ischemic preconditioning (LIPC) is beneficial for patients undergoing mitral valve replacement (MVR) surgery is unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS Seventy-five adult patients undergoing MVR surgery were randomly assigned to 3 groups: control group (n=25), LIPC group I (3 × 5-min cycles of right upper arm ischemia and 5-min reperfusion;(More)
The biodosimetric information is critical for evaluating the human health hazards caused by radon and its progeny. Here, we demonstrated that the formation of phosphorylated histone variant H2AX (γ-H2AX), p53-binding protein 1 (53BP1) and phosphorylated KRAB-associated protein 1 (pKAP-1) foci and their linear tracks in human peripheral blood lymphocytes(More)
Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is one of the most difficult breast cancers to treat because there is no targeted treatment, and conventional cytotoxic chemotherapy followed by adjuvant radiation therapy is the standard of care for patients with TNBC. We herein reported that ionizing radiation (IR) induced Wnt3a, LRP6 and β-catenin expression and(More)
The biodosimetric information is critical for assessment of cancer risk in populations exposed to high radon. However, no tools are available for biological dose estimation following radon exposure. Here, we established a γ-H2AX foci-based assay to determine biological dose to red bone marrow (RBM) in radon-inhaled rats. After 1-3 h of in vitro radon(More)
PRESENTATION The patient, a 53-year-old man, appeared to be suffering from an infection of the abdominal cavity, but the true diagnosis was far more lethal. He presented with a 2month history of recurrent fevers and progressively worsening left flank pain. Over the previous month, he also experienced night sweats, aversion to cold, fatigue, pharyngeal pain,(More)
Establishing a rat model suitable for γ-H2AX biodosimeter studies has important implications for dose assessment of internal radionuclide contamination in humans. In this study, γ-H2AX, p-ATM and p-DNA-PKcs foci were enumerated using immunocytofluorescence method, and their protein levels were measured by Western blot in rat blood lymphocytes and(More)
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