Deepwater Rice

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By using internal deletions within a rearranged immunoglobulin kappa light chain gene, the presence of an intron regulatory sequence (enhancer) has been confirmed. Its presence is required for high-level transcription from a plasmid after transfection into myeloma cells. Transfection efficiency was monitored by the activity of a deleted H4 histone gene(More)
We have introduced a functionally rearranged murine kappa light chain immunoglobulin (Ig) gene into an Abelson murine leukemia virus-transformed lymphoid cell line. Plasmid pSV2gpt-kappa 41, containing the kappa light chain gene from the myeloma MOPC41 and the selectable marker gene gpt, was introduced into 81A-2 cells by the calcium phosphate(More)
The HsdS and HsdM polypeptides of the type IC restriction enzyme EcoR124 have been purified independently and used in a set of gel retardation experiments to determine the minimum requirements for sequence-specific recognition of DNA by this enzyme. The HsdS polypeptide alone is able to bind to DNA in a sequence-specific manner. In addition, whilst the(More)
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