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Data Mining can be defined as an activity that extracts some new nontrivial information contained in large databases. Traditional data mining techniques have focused largely on detecting the statistical correlations between the items that are more frequent in the transaction databases. Also termed as frequent itemset mining , these techniques were based on(More)
Digital images are noisy due to environmental disturbances. To ensure image quality, image processing of noise reduction is a very important step before analysis or using images. Data sets collected by image sensors are generally contaminated by noise. Imperfect instruments, problems with the data acquisition process, and interfering natural phenomena can(More)
w w w . i j c s t . c o m InternatIonal Journal of Computer SCIenCe and teChnology 307 Abstract Interesting change has come in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has seen in both research direction and methodology in the past several years. Increased work in computational linguistics tended to focus on purely symbolic methods. Now various work is shifting(More)
In many areas of commerce, government, academia, and hospitals, large collections of digital images are being created. Many of these collections are the product of digitization of existing analogue photographs, diagram, drawings, paintings, and prints. Usually these collections were merely searched by means of textual annotations. This huge digital image(More)
97 All Rights Reserved © 2013 IJARCET  Abstract— In the digital world, the digital media is currently evolving at such a rapid pace, intellectual copyright protection is becoming increasingly important. Now a day, the digital media is available with various image formats, due to which they are simple to copy and resell without any loss of quality. A wide(More)
In early frameworks, at the season of data transmission between two armed force stations, it can be hacked by terrorists, spies and foes. Cryptography is an imperative framework utilized for this reason. There are different sorts of calculations accessible for encryption and unscrambling of information i.e. Decryption and new calculations or algorithms are(More)
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