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At the Estimation of Image Coders, using PSNR is of undecided perceptual power, but there are numbers of algorithms including temporarily computable decoders. PSNR might not be calculated.With a simple rearrangement of a transmit bit stream, the SPIHT algorithm can be made temporarily computable without any loss in performance. We present experimental(More)
Spatial data mining is a mining knowledge from large amounts of spatial data. Spatial data mining algorithms can be separated into four general categories: clustering and outlier detection, association and co-location method, trend detection and classification. All these methods have been compared according to various attributes. This paper introduces the(More)
Recent research has focused on the image compression algorithms are lossy compression. However, the general algorithm for certain types of images, resulting in poor image quality is usually implemented using a baseline quantization process, especially in the combination of image content. It's a lot different compression image coding based on Wavelet(More)
The similarity of human faces, unpredictable variations and aging are the crucial obstacles in face recognition. To handle this if large set of training images are used then computational complexity will get increase as images are rather high dimension but if training set kept small, performance decreases. Since both classification and feature information(More)
Forecasting is an art which combines scientific methods and past experiences with an aim to extract maximum possible information needed for an extrapolation. Forecasting is a very interesting research topic and has been attracting many researchers from the last few decades. Before forecasting, the weather observations are collected. Weather is a continuous,(More)
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