Deepti Singh

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  • Daniel E. Horton, Christopher B. Skinner, Deepti Singh, Noah S. Diffenbaugh
  • 2014
Poor air quality causes an estimated 2.6 to 4.4 million premature deaths per year 1–3. Hazardous conditions form when meteorological components allow the accumulation of pollutants in the near-surface atmosphere 4–8. Global warming-driven changes to atmospheric circulation and the hydrological cycle 9–13 are expected to alter the meteorological components(More)
OBJECTIVE Sibling recurrence risk in autism has been estimated to be approximately 10%. This study investigated subsyndromal autistic impairments among siblings of probands with pervasive developmental disorders. METHOD The authors used the Social Responsiveness Scale to obtain quantitative assessments of autistic social impairment in three groups of(More)
Cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue engineering provides a smart approach to overcome problems associated with organ transplantation and cardiac tissue and also lays a platform for superior alternative approaches in muscle regeneration. The aim of the study was to demonstrate cryogel scaffold potential in the field of skeletal muscle and cardiac tissue(More)
—Consider a Rake receiver for coherent binary an-tipodal signaling with: 1) a delayed received signal configuration; 2) weight estimation by matched filtering using the reference signal along with the decisions of the previous M symbol intervals ; and 3) predetection maximal-ratio combining (MRC). The weight estimation errors here are not independent of the(More)
Terminalia chebula is one of the traditional medicines used in the treatment of many diseases. In the present work, different concentrations of various organic and aqueous extracts (solvent-free) of T. chebula were tested on fibroblast (L929) and keratinocytes cells to evaluate its biocompatible concentration by using MTT and live-dead viability/cytotoxic(More)
— In a rake receiver for coherent binary orthogonal signaling with (1) a delayed received signal configuration, (2) tap weight estimation by adding two matched filtered outputs using the two reference signals, and (3) predetection maximal-ratio combining (MRC), the tap weight estimation errors are not independent of the additive noise in the channel. Hence(More)
Alpha- ketoglutarate (α-KG) is a well-known intermediate of Kreb's cycle and thus one of the important candidates in the role of cellular metabolism. The aim was to investigate the effect of α-KG on the growth and proliferation of different cells (fibroblasts and chondrocytes). Further change in the consumption of glucose and release of ammonia in the(More)
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Recent evidence suggests that changes in atmospheric circulation have altered the probability of extreme climate events in the Northern Hemisphere. We investigate northeastern Pacific atmospheric circulation patterns that have historically (1949-2015) been associated with cool-season (October-May) precipitation and temperature extremes in California. We(More)