Deepti S Sidhaye

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Co nanoparticles have been synthesized using wet-chemical methods. As-synthesized particles show a sharp low temperature peak in zero-field cooled (ZFC) magnetization well below the blocking transition temperature and this feature is associated with surface spin disorder. We have investigated the dynamic magnetic properties of Co using ac susceptibility and(More)
Photoresponsive gold nanoparticle networks were prepared by functionalizing them with azobenzene derivatives. A network can be formed when a linker molecule constituting the azobenzene moiety suitably derivatized on either side with gold surface sensitive groups such as thiols and amines is added to the nanoparticle solution. It is shown that the(More)
We observe a large magnetocaloric effect in monodisperse Ni and Ni(core)Ag(shell) nanoparticles in the superparamagnetic region. The organically passivated Ni nanospheres show a large magnetic entropy change of 0.9 J kg(-1)  K for a 3 T magnetic field change. In comparison to the surfactant-coated Ni nanoparticles, the Ni(core)Ag(shell) nanoparticles show(More)
A comprehensive overview of the process of digestive ripening that is known to convert polydisperse nanocrystals to monodisperse ones is presented. Apart from highlighting the role of organic molecules (ligands) in achieving size control, the roles of other parameters such as the nanocrystal-ligand binding strength and the temperature at which the reaction(More)
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