Deepti Nagaich

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A limited number of functional molecular markers has slowed the desired genetic improvement of Stylosanthes species. Hence, in an attempt to develop simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers, genomic libraries from Stylosanthes seabrana B.L. Maass & 't Mannetje (2n=2x=20) using 5' anchored degenerate microsatellite primers were constructed. Of the 76 new(More)
Among the many Stylosanthes species, Stylosanthes scabra, a range fodder legume, performs better under limited water condition. In the present investigation, thirty-four accessions of S. scabra were assessed under limited water condition, for various morpho-physiological characters associated with drought. In general, S. scabra exhibited better tolerance to(More)
Caribbean stylo (Stylosanthes hamata) is a tropical fodder and cover crop. Along with four other Stylosanthes species (S. scabra, S. humilis, S. viscosa, S. guianensis), it was introduced in India. It became well adapted in certain parts of the country and has been recommended for the improvement of range and degraded lands. A collection of 63 S. hamata(More)
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