Deepti Kumar

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We report on an ethnographic study of payment and banking practices in India. Currently a mobile payment mechanism is being developed in India and we were interested to see how it would fit with various current payment systems for various types of users. Therefore we studied a variety of current payment situations and gained an understanding of the banking(More)
— We characterize the accuracy of a cooperative localization algorithm based on Kalman Filtering, as expressed by the trace of the covariance matrix, in terms of the algebraic graph theoretic properties of the sensing graph. In particular, we discover a weighted Laplacian in the expression that yields the constant, steady state value of the covariance(More)
To the Editor: Foodborne botulism, particularly associated with Clostridium butyricum, is rare; no cases had been reported in India before this outbreak. A reported case of foodborne botulism represents a public health emergency because of the potential severity of the disease and the possibility of mass exposure to the contaminated product. In September(More)
Letters clinical presentation of the patients, response to trivalent botulinum antitoxin, and isolation of toxigenic C. butyricum from one of the consumed food articles strongly suggest that the outbreak was caused by food contaminated with toxigenic C. butyricum. Neurotoxigenic C. butyricum was first reported in 1986 in two cases of infant botulism in Rome(More)
Food poisoning outbreaks caused by Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin occur occasionally in Europe but have become less common in recent years. This paper presents the microbiological and epidemiological results of a large C. perfringens outbreak occurring simultaneously at two weddings that used the same caterer. The outbreak involved several London(More)
Cutaneous diphtheria is endemic in tropical countries but unusual in the United Kingdom. Four cases occurred in the United Kingdom within 2 months in 2002. Because cutaneous diphtheria causes outbreaks of both cutaneous and pharyngeal forms, early diagnosis is essential for implementing control measures; high diphtheria vaccination coverage must also be(More)
The present study was designed to bring out the differences between extraverts and introverts on Standard Progressive Matrices. A group of 100 subjects of equal number of sexes were given a qualitative analysis of their performance on SPM. The study brought out the initial superiority of extraverts over introverts. But with passage of time and increase in(More)
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