Deepti Kodeboyina

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—This paper describes an approach to building Grid applications based on the premise that users who wish to access and run these applications prefer to do so without becoming experts on Grid technology. We describe an application architecture based on wrapping user applications and application workflows as web services and web service resources. These(More)
As part of the Java CoG kit we have defined a sophisticated workflow framework. This workflow framework projects an integrated approach towards executing tasks in grid and non-grid environments. One of the services needed is a convenient service to store, retrieve, and modify workflow components defined by the community similar to systems such as the(More)
The Knowledge Environment for Collaborative Science (KnECS) is an open source informatics toolkit designed to enable knowledge grids that interconnect science communities, unique facilities, data, and tools. KnECS features a web portal with team and data collaboration tools, lightweight federation of data, provenance tracking, and multi-level support for(More)
Active Thermochemical Tables (ATcT) are a good example of a significant breakthrough in chemical science that is directly enabled by the U.S. DOE SciDAC initiative. ATcT is a new paradigm of how to obtain accurate, reliable, and internally consistent thermochemistry and overcome the limitations that are intrinsic to the traditional sequential approach to(More)
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