Deepthi J Shetty

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The calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor (CEOT), Pindborg tumor is a benign, slow growing, but locally invasive neoplasm. It is known to have a common intraosseous variant and a very rare extraosseous variant. We report an unusual case of an extraosseous variant of CEOT of unusual large size and maxillary anterior location, the treatment was planned(More)
Although in the United States the incidence of oral and pharyngeal cancer (OPC) has been significantly higher in men than in women, the identification of human papilloma virus as a risk factor for OPC has focused new scrutiny on who may develop OPC. One surprising element is that non-Hispanic white women have a higher incidence of OPC than of cervical(More)
Amongst the various forms of scientific misconduct, plagiarism has become increasingly prevalent in today's scientific process. Plagiarism is copying another author's ideas or words and portraying them as your own. Inclusion of another source's contents without giving credit to the source results in this unethical practice. Text derived directly from a(More)
Today's era is all about mobile devices which demands high performing processing core running mega functional modules. The improvement in silicon physics and foundry technologies have kept the Moore's law prevailing even today. The advantages of these improvements could not be effective used with the common bus architecture when the number modules scaled up(More)
Ellis Van Creveld syndrome (EVC) is a rare genetic disorder having autosomal recessive inheritance affecting the Amish population of Pennsylvania in USA with incidence of 1:244,000 for the general population. This syndrome consists of characteristic features such as bilateral postaxial polydactyly, chondroectodermal dysplasia, congenital heart defects and(More)
INTRODUCTION India accounts for the majority of oral cancer cases occurring worldwide. The metastasis of oral cancer to the regional lymph nodes and distant sites determines the prognosis and the survival rate of this disease. OBJECTIVES The aim and objectives of this study were to evaluate the accuracy of preoperative clinical methods such as palpation,(More)
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