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Because the product of a single gene can influence many aspects of plant growth and development, it is necessary to understand how gene products act in concert and upon each other to effect adaptive changes to stressful conditions. We conducted experiments to improve our understanding of the responses of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) to drought stress. Water(More)
A transcriptional analysis of the response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain BY4743 to controlled air-drying (desiccation) and subsequent rehydration under minimal glucose conditions was performed. Expression of genes involved in fatty acid oxidation and the glyoxylate cycle was observed to increase during drying and remained in this state during the(More)
Myoglobin is a globular protein involved in oxygen storage and transport. No consensus yet exists on the atomic level mechanism by which oxygen and other small nonpolar ligands move between the myoglobin's buried heme, which is the ligand binding site, and surrounding solvent. This study uses room temperature molecular dynamics simulations to provide a(More)
We formulate a new data mining problem called it storytelling as a generalization of redescription mining. In traditional redescription mining, we are given a set of objects and a collection of subsets defined over these objects. The goal is to view the set system as a vocabulary and identify two expressions in this vocabulary that induce the same set of(More)
Expresso is an experiment management system that is designed to assist biologists in planning, executing, and interpreting microarray experiments. It serves as a unifying framework to study data-driven application composition systems, as envisaged under the NSF Next Generation Software (NGS) program. Physical and analytical stages of the microarray process(More)
Building materials may act as both sources of and sinks forvolatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor air. A strategy to characterize the rate of absorption and desorption of VOCs by diffusion-controlled building materials is validated. A previously developed model that predicts mass transfer between a flat slab of material and the well-mixed air within a(More)
Motivation: There are now a multitude of articles published in a diversity of journals providing information about genes, proteins, pathways, and entire processes. Each article investigates particular subsets of a biological process, but to gain insight into the functioning of a system as a whole, we must computationally integrate information across(More)
Supplement for Redescribing the response of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to desiccation and rehydration Supplemental Material Redescribing the response of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to desiccation and rehydration Jatinder Singh*§, Deept Kumar†, Naren Ramakrishnan†, Vibha Singhal†, Jody Jervis*, Steve Slaughter*, Andrea DeSantis*, Jamie Garst*,(More)
We present an unusual algorithm involving classification trees---CARTwheels---where two trees are grown in opposite directions so that they are joined at their leaves. This approach finds application in a new data mining task we formulate, called <i>redescription mining.</i> A redescription is a shift-of-vocabulary, or a different way of communicating(More)
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