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The multilevel inverters are extensively used in high voltage and high power dc-ac applications but these are of possibility of buck conversion type. The boosting of output voltage is required in the power conversion of dc-dc or dc-ac especially for electric motor vehicles. The effective solutions can be given by using dc-dc boost converter or conventional(More)
The number of vehicles as well as the population of pedestrians have both increased considerably over the years. The traffic signals which are meant to regulate the traffic are often configured with only the traffic flow as the main point of design, but the number of pedestrians crossing at given a point of time is not considered, which often leads to(More)
BACKGROUND First few years of life is the most crucial period of life as this age is known for accelerated growth and development, warranting regular monitoring. During this period about 40% of physical growth and 80% of mental development occurs. Any adverse influences during this period may result in severe limitations in their development. METHODS A(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this work was to assess the effects of prematurity and intrauterine growth restriction on spinal cord synapses using H-reflex. METHODS 33 babies were investigated at birth. 14 were full term appropriate for gestational age (FT AGA), 10 were full term intrauterine growth restricted (FT IUGR) and 9 were preterm appropriate for(More)
A 25-year-old male symptomatic of heart disease for four months presented with biventricular failure. Echocardiography revealed dilated cardiomyopathy. He had skin lesions for 10 years which were clinically and histopathologically identified as psoriasis. Association of cardiomyopathy with psoriasis is uncommon and intriguing. The link between dilated(More)
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