Deepinder Grewal

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An antibiotic, cefotaxime (Omnatax) has been found to promote somatic embryogenesis and subsequent plant regeneration in vitro in indica-type basmati rice cultures. Response was highly genotype specific. The number, mass and morphology of the calli formed on the scutellar tissues were dependent on the growth medium (with or without cefotaxime). The(More)
Genetic engineering of rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. Pusa basmati 1) using synthetic Cry1Ac gene has been achieved by “particle bombardment”. Scutellar tissues excised after 5 – 6 d from mature seeds cultured on induction medium were bombarded using gold particles coated with a mixture of Cry1Ac and marker genes on medium with osmoticum. Bombarded tissues were(More)
The effects of amino acid cysteine to culture systems of microspore-derived callus induction as well as plantlet regeneration were studied. Isolated pollen along with anther walls of basmati cultivars, Pusa basmati 1, Basmati 370 and Basmati 386 were cultured in a medium based on N6 salts supplemented with or without cysteine following pollen embedment in(More)
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