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A rapid, clean, and highly efficient method for synthesis of dihydropyrano[3,2-c]chromene derivatives by one-pot, three-component condensation of aromatic aldehydes, malononitrile, and 4-hydroxycoumarin using DABCO as catalyst in solvent-free neat conditions is described. The present method has the advantages of mild reaction conditions, short reaction(More)
Fourty buffaloes in early, mid and late lactation with a drop in a milk production were screened for haematological and blood biochemical profile. In early stage of lactation haemoglobin concentration showed lowered trend as compared to recorded means in other groups of lactating buffaloes. The mean value of TLC in dry pregnant group of buffaloes was 10.05±(More)
A facile, green, and efficient method has been developed for the synthesis of pyrano[4, 3-b]pyrans via a one-pot reaction of aromatic aldehydes, malononitrile, and 4-hydroxy-6-methyl-pyran-2-one in the presence of ammonium acetate under solvent-free conditions using grinding method. The experimental simplicity, short reaction time, easy work-up, avoidance(More)
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