Deepika Jain

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Requirements are the foundation for delivering quality software. Often it is found that the short development cycle lead teams to cut short the time they will spend on Requirement Analysis. In this work we developed a tool which can quickly review requirements by identifying ambiguous words and provide us the possible sources of wrong interpretation.(More)
INTRODUCTION Cone beam computed tomography is a new diagnostic innovation to dental imaging. Despite the use of CBCT in oral and maxillofacial imaging, reports on its use either by individual practitioners or referral patterns to CBCT centers is lacking. Hence, a study was conducted to determine incidental findings on CBCT and reasons for referral by dental(More)
Floods have always been a major cause of destruction from the past itself. In the manual river flow control system there is always a situation of the increasing or decreasing of the discharge available depending on the precipitation of the catchment region. In this article, with a blend of mobile agents, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and intelligent(More)
The wireless sensor network is an emerging technology that may greatly facilitate human life by providing ubiquitous sensing, computing, and communication capability, through which people can more closely interact with the environment whenever required. One of the most important problems studied in any sensor network is data fusion. Client/server paradigm(More)
Websites are now mode of education, business and entertainment for almost every entity on Internet. To retain interests of users in the website, it is necessary to provide advance usability features. For example, in online shopping, if information about frequently visited brands of a specific item is provided to the users, then it will help users to(More)
INTRODUCTION The lifeline express is the world's first hospital train. To date, over 800,000 patients living in the remote rural interiors of India where medical facilities are scarce, have been treated. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the application and feasibility of providing screening, diagnosis, preventive dental treatment for rural population through mobile(More)
Oral health status of HIV positive individuals is in poor condition which may be a sequela of variety of factors. This study was aimed at assessing and comparing the oral health status and oromucosal lesions between HIV positive and negative individuals in India. A total of 126 HIV positive and 532 HIV negative individuals were recruited for the study. Oral(More)
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