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This study aims to determine the stability of palatal rugae before and after orthodontic treatment. 50 orthodontic cases were selected with pre- and posttreatment casts and 50 casts were randomly selected as variables. Landmarks on the palatal raphe and rugae were marked on the maxillary casts. Points were made on medial and lateral ends of first, second(More)
AIMS Silver stainable nucleolar organizer regions (AgNORs) have received a great deal of attention recently as their frequency within the nuclei is significantly higher in malignant cells than in normal, reactive or benign neoplastic cells. The objective of this study was to carry out a quantitative assessment of large and small AgNORs in oral normal(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to determine the prevalence of certain oral characteristics usually associated with Down syndrome and to determine the oral health status of these patients. METHODS The cross-sectional study was conducted among patients attending a special education program at Faculty of Dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, India. The study(More)
3. Chikazu D, Mori Y, Saijo H, et al: A case of tumoural calcinosis in the temporomandibular joint associated with systemic sclerosis. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg 37:190, 2008 4. Kadowaki M, Naito K, Tobita M, et al: A case of symptomatic tumoral calcinosis on the great toe and review of the literature. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg 128:551, 2008 5. Watanabe A,(More)
Mucocele forms because of salivary gland mucous extravasation or retention and is usually related to trauma in the area of the lower lips. Salivary duct cyst, however, is a type of mucous retention cyst which is almost never located on the lower lip. The aim of this paper is to report this extremely rare salivary duct cyst present on the lower lip and to(More)
Scanning the literature reveals that in India there is little data available relating to dental health in mentally challenged. The study aims to determine prevalence of dental caries, oral health status, and periodontal needs in mentally challenged individuals of North Indian population. The cross-sectional study was conducted among patients attending a(More)
Prosthetic rehabilitation of acquired maxillary defects can be achieved satisfactorily if all facets of treatment planning and design considerations are taken into account before the rehabilitation process. Complications associated with maxillary defects limit treatment protocols to a great extent. The prosthodontist has to identify these problem areas and(More)
The concept of 'fibro-osseous lesions' of bone has evolved over the last several decades and now includes two major entities, viz., fibrous dysplasia and ossifying fibroma, as well as other less common entities such as periapical dysplasia, focal osseous dysplasia, florid osseous dysplasia and familial gigantiform cementoma. Florid osseous dysplasia is a(More)
Teratomas are true neoplasms of unknown origin that arise from pluripotential cells and have an eccentric microscopic appearance. They are composed of diverse tissues from all 3 germ layers with variable levels of maturity. The purpose of this report was to describe the case of a benign teratoma originating from the tongue in a male neonate.
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